La clinique medicale lutherienne
Lutheran Medical Clinic (Madeline), Cap-Haitien, Haiti

The Lutheran Medical Clinic is a community based medical clinic in the Madeline area of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. It offers the community a basic health exam, lab, and pharmacy. The clinic aims to bring health care within the reach of the Madeline community.

Currently, the clinic has on staff an RN, a nurse in the Pharmacy (similar to an LPN), a lab technician, and a housekeeper. There is also a doctor in the clinic two days each week. Typically, the clinic sees 15-30 clients per day and charges 50 Haitian Gourde (US $1.20) per visit.


Like so many other areas in Haiti, the clinic also faces financial challenges. The amount that it charges its clients does not come anywhere near the actual costs associated with each visit (with actual lab, medication, and exam expenses estimated closer to US $30 per visit).

Not surprisingly, the clinic has difficulty producing the funds to pay its very faithful nursing staff. Unable to support the wages of a physician, the clinic is currently being maintained by a Registered Nurse.

Although the clinic has access to medications in Haiti, the price tag on these medications often places them beyond the clinic's ability to purchase.

The clinic struggles to maintain wages, medication, and morale as various crises continue within Haiti. External support is vital to keep this clinic operational.

Primary health threats in Haiti include: Malaria, TB, HIV, respiratory infection, gastrointestinal parasites, blood pressure disease, diabetes, scabies, women's health issues, and dysentery related to bad water.


We have been blessed with support from many areas. The Minnesota North LWML has been especially generous in donations of time and talents in kits and grants toward equipment, supplies, and construction. A generous grant in 2008 purchased medical equipment. A grant was awarded in 2010 to help complete clinic construction.

The clinic has hosted three different nurses from the United States. One medical team serviced 500 community members, and another team from the US made use of the clinic in October 2010. We are very proud of the foreign nurses who continue to visit and volunteer their services in Haiti.

If you have an interest in supporting the health needs of this congregation and its neighbors, please consider making a financial donation to LMA's Medical Clinic fund. The need continues to exist for hygiene kits, baby clothes, food, quilts, and shoes (black shoes, for students,) especially as supplies are depleted by the many people who are still seeking aid. Monetary donations can be used to purchase these items, or for medications or wages.

Medical teams or individuals wishing to offer care are welcome to inquire for more information.

We would like to thank everyone who supports the clinic with your prayers and contributions. Without the support of the LWML and others in the LCMS, we would be unable to provide service to the Madeline area of Cap-Haitien.

Other community based health initiatives include:

Digging Wells

Engaging self sufficiency projects and programs that promote well-being, nutrition and education

Distribution of food, supplies and assistance in times of crisis

Periodically sending shipping containers for aid and relief

Promoting and engaging others to assist our Haitian family in standing up to its health care challenges

Spreading hope through the word of our Lord Jesus Christ

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