North District Schools
There are six schools in the North District of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti: Madeline, Gloria Dei, St. Raphael (2), Dondon, and Grande-Riviere-du-Nord.

Why are these schools important?

The schools provide a safe place for the children to learn and grow in the Christian faith.

The schools provide the children with an education that will help them to face their future in Haiti.

Each child in fourth grade receives a Bible (in French) for their instruction in the Christian faith.

Confirmation classes are taught in 5th and 6th grades.

What financial challenges do these schools face?

Many members of the congregations do not have any source of income and are unable to finance their schools without outside help.

Many non-member families who send their children to the schools are also without a source of income and are unable to afford tuition, uniforms, and school supplies.

The schools do receive tuition from a small number of students, but no funds from the Government of Haiti.

As a result, the North District schools struggle financially to maintain wages and staffing.

What is being done to help these schools?

One of the primary sources of financial support for the operation of these schools is Lutheran Mission Association's Adopt-A-Student Program, where individuals and groups make an annual donation to support the school district.

A noon lunch of beans and rice is provided to four of the Lutheran schools in Haiti (Gloria Dei, St. Raphael, Dondon, and Grande-Riviere-du-Nord) by the LCMS Trinity/Hope program.

We also know of LCMS congregations in Ohio who have been sending financial support to these schools.

LMA has helped with the cost of purchasing land and constructing school buildings. To date, five pieces of property have been purchased, and construction has begun on all five of those properties.

What can you do to help?

Participate in LMA's Adopt-A-Student Program.

Make a donation to help build a classroom.

French and Haitian Creole books are needed for the school and seminary. (A small library has been started at the Madeline school.)

Donate a brand new French Bible for an older student.

Send us an email ( to ask about more ways that you can help these schools.

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